Helping missionaries make the transition back to their home country

Making the change from being an overseas missionary to  an ex-missionary  has been described as going from a hero to a zero!  It can be a tumultuous experience.  Especially if you did not plan on returning to your so soon!   Whether it's medical, political, familial, or any other reason, reentry to your "home country" is like being in the spin cycle of a washing machine!. We went through it (or are still going through it) in 2002.  In '99 we returned home because of my developing Multiple Sclerosis.  Where would we live? Where would the kids go to school?  God really came through in a powerful way.   

As a  missionary, a pastor, and now as a life coach, I want to partner with clients  in a thought-provoking and creative process that helps bring clarity and focus to their new life and entry into their careers. 

I have been trained with an ACTP (accredited training program) Certificate from Coaching for Clergy and I am a iife coach with the Paraclete Services of WorldVenture.


Education And Experience

Tony has a B.A in Business Administration and worked for 7 years in operations for a Wall Street NY bank.  ​Tony has a Masters of Divinity (MDIV) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and was 20 years  a missionary with WorldVenture.​

If your interested in coaching through this transition email me at